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About Us

ACS Electrical was started four years ago by Andrew Chlebek as a way to generate income in tough economic times but since then we have developed a diverse customer base that has given us the push to make that big step into the small business world.

ACS is small but has big ambitions. There are only two employees Andrew Chlebek and Andrew Cart currently at ACS. Both have Certifications in Electrical Technology and years of experience in the field.

Energy saving is important to everyone and finding ways to save money is also. We like to offer all of our customers the chance to install LED lighting. LED lighting is one of the best way to cut your lighting bill in half and we can provide you with new fixtures and we can also provide equipment than can be retrofitted into your existing fixtures. LED lights have a 25000-50000 hour life span, they will save you money on changing bulbs, maintenance and cut your lighting bill in HALF!